13th Amendment ( 13th Amendment Section 2 #2)

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13th Amendment ( 13th Amendment Section 2 #2)

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Evaluated The Information Concerning The. Missing 13th Amendment To The  Constitution For The United States Of America And Rendered The Following  Decision ( 13th Amendment Section 2 Home Design Ideas #1)13th Amendment ( 13th Amendment Section 2  #2) 13th Amendment Section 2 #3 To That View Few Would Be Able To Subscribe, And In Our Opinion It Is Quite  Untenable. Dillon V. Gloss, 256 U.S. 368, 375 (1921). See Also Walter  Dellinger, .The 13th Amendment Explained- The Constitution For Dummies On Vimeo ( 13th Amendment Section 2  #4)Colo68-3.jpg, . ( 13th Amendment Section 2 #5)


a•mend•ment (ə mendmənt),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the act of amending or the state of being amended.
  2. an alteration of or addition to a motion, bill, constitution, etc.
  3. a change made by correction, addition, or deletion: The editors made few amendments to the manuscript.
  4. [Hort.]a soil-conditioning substance that promotes plant growth indirectly by improving such soil qualities as porosity, moisture retention, and pH balance.

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